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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vegetable Whimsy

Landscape paintings and photos are nice and all, but I like to follow artists like Andy Goldsworthy and Joost Elffers into a different scale. Goldsworthy will build a hut of twigs in a tidal pool and film it as the water carries it away in swirls, or stack pieces of natural ice in a tower, or find leaves in every color of the spectrum and place them in ROYGBIV order. I thought of him when I arranged the passionflower leaves around the pink mushrooms above.
Here's a chayote squash with a chaw. For this, thank Mr. Elffers, who produced a book called Play with Your Food, filled with photos of red pepper hummingbirds, okra grasshoppers and cherry ants. With a deft cut or two, he turns a bell pepper into an elephant or a camel. Now I look at the facial expressions on my vegetables. 
Chayotes are supposed to grow vigorous vines and fruit like mad. I've had several failed attempts and am trying one more time with this one. That's a sprout emerging from the toothless gums. Chayote seeds sprout only while still inside the fruit. I believe Mr. Lunt of VeggieTales is a chayote.
    This fellow is either a ravenous killer unripe passionfruit, a despairing passionfruit, or a hillbilly passionfruit.                                              

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