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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Who and How

Just around the bend from the Creation Museum in Kentucky, I passed a church marquee that said, “The book of Genesis is about who, not how.”  It must have been a dig at the museum.  I wondered why a church would make a point of separating itself publicly from the literal Genesis. It might as well have said, “We don’t think all of the Bible is true.” Here was the schism that divides our culture, with groups who claim to follow Christ apparently taking their stand with the dogma of evolutionism rather than the historic dogma of Christianity. How sad. For one thing, they’re looking in the wrong direction for truth. For another, should Christians be airing their differences this way in order to curry favor with… whom? Stephen Hawking? Trust me, church people, hard-core evolutionists may snicker in triumph at your capitulation, but they still think you’re morons for believing any of that God stuff. If it’s their approval you seek, you have to throw out the whole Bible, including the Savior. Ironically, this church stands near a neighborhood labeled “Mars Hill” in the town of Hebron. There’s even a “Damascus Rd.” Do those names mean anything, or are they just jokes? From the book, see. Clever, huh?

The Museum deals with the history of belief in a six-day creation. Apparently, nobody much thought six days meant anything other than six days until the 1700s. Eventually, theologians wanted to be hip and modern and started proposing that, well, maybe “day” doesn’t mean “day,” even though that’s what it means in the rest of literature, and if the creation days are really zillions of years, then the commandment about keeping the Sabbath makes no sense. “Six days  shalt thou labor and do all thy work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God. In it thou shalt not labor or do any work.” (Deuteronomy 5:13, 14) Huh? Work for six zillion years, and rest for one zillion? It just doesn’t work. If you try to bow the knee to Christ and Carl Sagan at the same time, you will tear yourself in two.

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