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Friday, July 1, 2011


I like to sew. This surprises people, I suppose  because I come across as intellectual for the most part, and most folks don't connect that with cutting and stitching. But here I am, making bibs in unusual fabrics for my little grandson. Sometimes I giggle a bit over such projects and hug them. Is that weird? I love picking the fabrics and patterns and putting things together  to give to people I love. Since my oldest son was born 36 years ago, I've made vast numbers of overalls and jammies and Easter dresses. I've made pillows in the shape of letters of the alphabet and pink fleece bears and baby comforters. When I see someone wearing or using something I made with my own hands, I'm proud and happy. It seems to me an important part of being human to design and produce something real. 
 An old-fashioned fireman print with wavy red stripes made a nifty comforter for the new son of a young lady I've known since she was a girl. She seemed to appreciate having something made by hand.


  1. I think that your status as an intellectual is enhanced by the fact that you create things with your hands. I see no disconnect, or distance.

  2. I don't either, really. It's just that people sometimes express surprise. I've also heard, "You bake? This is a side of you I never knew." There may be an odd prejudice against the homemaking arts-- that it doesn't take much intelligence to cook or sew or keep house. Those who do it, though, know it takes some brains. :-D

  3. I remember the very first time I was a guest in your home. You hosted a Pine Ridge ladies' tea party. Many of the women wore hats and gloves, including Susie Meyer, who wore a pair of Playtex yellow disposable gloves. So many lovely memories and meals have been made at your house since then, I'm sure. (By the way, I now own a mink pillbox that I bought for $3.49 at a thrift store, so please call me the next time you host a tea.)

  4. I remember the yellow gloves. I have gloves that my grandmother crocheted. I want to see your hat!